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Afraid of Amit Shah's visit to Maharashtra next week, Fadnavis hides his party MLAs in a resort

24, Jul 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. BJP president Amit Shah held consultation with party leaders amid indications that B S Yedyurappa maybe its chief ministerial choice in Karnataka after the H D Kumaraswamy-led coalition government fell on Tuesday. Amit Shah plans to visit Maharashtra next week and that has made Fadnavis vary of the fact that even his government is in danger.


Fadnavis ordered all his MLAs to hide in a resort to keep them away from Amit Shah. He later realized that Shah ji is from his own party and there is nothing to worry about.

Many state CMs are afraid of Amit Shah and they want him to visit their state anytime soon. Kamal Nath is the most scared out of them and his MLAs have gone on a long vacation to a place which is not even revealed by the government. Ashok Gehlot has asked party MLAs to not go outside their home and has started tapping their phones.

Amit Shah had to specially call up his BJP CMs and convey that he is visiting just as a formality and not to do anything in regard of forming a new government or changing the CM so they should not be worried.