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Boy breaks up with his girlfriend to feel the pain of Arijit's Songs

11, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi: A very strange incident happened on Wednesday when our News reporter Mr. Santosh was scrolling through one of the confession pages on Facebook. He came across a confession that said, “I broke up with my girlfriend because I wanted to feel the pain of Arijit’s songs”. Santosh realized this heart breaking story can break the internet too, so he started covering it. 56339b40739ce18ee2b345d2640b20d4

Soon after reading this, our Faking News  journalists started investigating and located the couple within two hours. Our correspondent Lazzat Sharma spoke to the girl named Meghna. She told us that her boyfriend, Rahul Roy, called her one day and said, “I don’t want to be with you”. Meghna lost her control and broke down while talking. Mr. Lazzat Sharma tried to give Kandha to her but she sensed it and disconnected the phone. 

Initially, Lazzat was glad to know that one more girl is single now. However, his happiness didn’t last long. Meghna called him to tell that she wanted her boyfriend back, she asked him to publish the news about her strange breakup.

On being asked about the cause of her breakup Meghna said, “My 3 year long relationship with Rahul was absolutely fine until I gifted him a new iPod on his birthday last month. After that I noticed sudden change in his behavior. I saw him humming songs. Rahul is an introvert and he would never do that. He once came to college drunk, started abusing me in front of everybody, and mistakenly called me Aarohi“.

Meghna further told us that she got worried about Rahul’s change in behavior. Being a responsible citizen of the society she tried to find out what could be the cause of his strange behavior. She discussed this with Mr. Daruwala, the famous astrologer, and what he told us was shocking. 

According to Mr. Daruwala, this is getting common among girls and boys and the cause for such instant breakup is related to no one but famous singer Arijit Singh. Yes, you heard it right! Youngsters these days are breaking up with their partners, while some are even going in relationships only to break up later. And all of this, in order to feel the pain of his songs!

We are trying to reach Rahul to know the other side of the story, but he’s not picking up phone and all we get to hear is his caller tune that says “Sun raha hai na tu, ro raha hun main”