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Boy doesn't get drunk after breakup, friends doubt if it was really a true love

24, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Pune: When our elders said, whiskey can rip any relationship apart, they were totally right. Recently, a boy lost all his friends because he didn’t have whiskey after his break up.

Amit Parashar of Pune has lost all his friends when he refused to drink alcohol even after his break up. His friends believe that Amit is fooling them and either has not broken up or he doesn’t love his girlfriend, currently ex-girlfriend, Alisha.

Vicky, Amit’s friend told us the whole incident in detail. Vicky said, “Amit had been in a relationship for past four years and this was his first breakup. First we all thought that we will be drinking hard with our friend (like everyone does after their friend’s break up) but something went wrong. Amit didn’t drink at all and even asked us not to buy drinks. We realized either he is telling us a lie or may be his love wasn’t real. So we decided to leave him coz if a person couldn’t love a girl who is with him since 4 years cannot love his friends, who are with him just for few years, either.”

Faking News reporter spoke to Amit, Amit rejected all the claims of his friends. He said, “I wanted to deal with the break up in a mature way. I didn’t want it to ruin me but looks like I was wrong as my friends have left me. I will do anything to regain my friends now who have been with me through thick and thin, not exactly but still.”

Amit is right. One always falls for the peer pressure of his surroundings. No matter how head strong you are, one day people will make you fall in the trap by constantly judging you.

It’s not the problems that throw you in the black hole of depression but the attitude of people around you who want you to react in a certain way.

Now the question is, will Amit be able to remain strong enough to not to drink or will he too fall into the trap like millions of other youngsters.