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Boy expressing disappointment in front of parents secretly relieved that he didn’t clear IIT-JEE

13, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Kota: 17 yrs old Arpan Kumar failed to get a good rank in the recently announced Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced exams 2016 and he is quietly relieved. Even though he expressed great disappointment in front of his parents, he is secretly happy that he avoided Engineering College.

Construction of next batch of engineers has begun

1.5 lakh-odd candidates took the advanced exams this year 36,566 have qualified for admissions into the country’s leading IITs.

“I never wanted to become an engineer in the first place but there was so much pressure from my parents and everyone I know was preparing for it so I decided to give JEE a shot. Now that I have failed to get into an IIT, I can concentrate on my own ambitions and dreams. Hopefully, my father won’t ask me to drop an year and try again next year”, Arpan said speaking to Faking News.

“I didn’t bother giving any other entrance exam as my parents always told me that unless one is an engineer from IITs, they are worthless. Since I have no other option, hopefully I can take admission in Bachelor of Arts and pursue my creative dreams”, said Arpan who dreams of becoming a musician.

Meanwhile, Arpan’s parents are not pleased about his failure. “He couldn’t even make it to top 36,000? This is unbelievable. People from all over India come to Kota and become IITians, we lived in Kota our entire lives and still our son wouldn’t be an IITian? This is shameful. This is all his mother’s fault, she only told him to do whatever he likes. He stopped studying after that”, Arpan’s father fumed.

Arpan’s mother however, said the blame lies with his father. “He bought Arpan an X-Box for his birthday. That is where he wasted those precious hours he could have spent reading his books. What face will I show in our locality now? 3 other boys have qualified for IIT from here but not our son. Hopefully he does better next year.”

Meanwhile, Arpan was spotted selling his Math, Chemistry and Physics books to fund the purchase of an electric guitar.