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Boy going out of the house every hour to check for cash in ATM is just going to smoke a cigarette

16, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Gurgaon: Just like every other family in the country, Jindal family living in Sector 14 Gurgaon is also searching for working ATMs since Modi government announced demonetization. To the great surprise of the rest of family members, the youngest member in the family, 22 yrs old Ashish is the one taking the lead in this search.

Paanw ala
Ashish’s ‘ATM’

After every hour or so, Ashish leaves the house to look for working ATMs in the locality. However, he heads directly to his regular Paan wala and comes back after smoking a cigarette and eating some mouth freshener.

“Earlier it was so tough to keep coming up with excuses to leave the house and come to market for a smoke but bless Modi for this demonetization. Now I can come repeatedly to the market for a smoke, even at night since I have told dad that some ATMs are getting cash late at night. My family members are happy thinking that I am learning responsibility, my paan wala is happy with increased sales, demonetisation has increased the happiness quotient all around me”, Ashish told Faking News.

When we asked Ashish how he is paying for these cigarettes, he said,”Bhaisaab on the very first day of demonetization I had installed all paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik etc on my paan wala’s phone. Now I keep transferring money from my dad’s account to mine when I am teaching him how to use them, then I come and transfer the money to my paan wala’s account. It is very convenient.”

When we told Ashish that he is cheating his family, he snapped and told us that by returning empty handed from ATMs every time, he is motivating his family to go cashless, a vision shared by PM Modi for the betterment of the country.