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Boy trying to burst crackers in Delhi unable to find the fuse of the cracker thanks to the smog

05, Nov 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Even though Supreme Court has placed a ban on bursting crackers at any time except the 2 hours window on Diwali day, some daredevils are still purchasing crackers from neighboring states and bringing them to Delhi to burst them. One such daredevil, Arun Kumar, was trying to do the same but he couldn’t see the fuse to light up thanks to the prevalent smoggy conditions.

Every winter, Delhi is enveloped in thick cloud of smog that reduces visibility to zero and becomes a blessing for chain smokers who just have to breathe to get their fix of the smoke. This year is no different and smoggy conditions are prevalent once again in the region.

Speaking to Faking News, 16 yrs old Arun said, “I read yesterday that someone was arrested by Delhi Police because his son burst crackers in Delhi. After that, I planned to get my School Principal arrested by the Police. I thought I will burst crackers outside the house of the Principal and when Police comes, will say that he is my father to make sure that Saddu guy gets arrested.”

“Putting my plan into practice, I went all the way to Ghaziabad to buy some crackers and then smuggled them in to Delhi by hiding them inside my undergarments. After successful smuggling operation, I went to the Principal’s house to burst them, kept them carefully outside his front gate, lit a match and then, I just couldn’t see where to set the light. The smog was so thick that even the light of the matchstick couldn’t penetrate it. After moving the matchstick around for a while, I finally gave up when Principal’s dog started barking”, an exasperated Arun said.

Meanwhile, sale of night vision goggles has gone through the roof in Delhi as more and more people have started wearing them to reach their office during the day.