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Boys’ hostel security guard alleges discrimination, says no boy knows me but they all know my uncle working at girl's hostel

02, Oct 2016 By dasu

Dhule: Nagesh, a security guard working at Hostel number 6 of Bakchod Institute of Technology has leveled a charge of discrimination against all aspiring engineers residing in the hostel. Nagesh has said that none of the boys in the hostel know his name while they all know every detail about his uncle posting outside the girls’ hostel.

Make all security guards equal again!

“I know I am supposed to do my duty here but sometimes I get very lonely. None of them talks to me, stops to ask my well being or invites me to their daru parties. On the day of their daru parties, they just hand me a 100 rupee note and ask me to warn them if the warden is coming in this direction. Money is ok but even I want to join your party sometimes yaar”, a sad Nagesh said.

“The experience of my colleagues working at other boys’ hostel gates is also pretty much the same. However, things are totally different for my uncle who is posted outside the girls’ hostel. Every boy knows his name, his date of birth, his children’s birthdays, everything. They give him all the latest movies; invite him to their daru parties even though he is the biggest chakhna eater in the world. This is really hurtful and discriminatory”, Nagesh said.

“The other day my uncle was suffering from minor cold, some ten strips of cold medicinewere found in his bag, whereas no one knew I suffered from dengue last month. I am happy for my uncle but somewhere deep inside, it hurts. I provide security to these boys, I warn them about the warden, I share my bidi ka bundle with them when they run out of cigarettes at night but just because my uncle is posted outside girls’ hostel, he gets all the attention”, Nagesh added.

As per sources, Nagesh has already communicated to the college management that he will resign if he isn’t transferred outside the girls’ hostel within next 15 days.