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After having breakfast at first traffic signal, Bengaluru man eats his lunch at 2nd signal

17, Apr 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Sripad M, a techie, working for a reputed MNC in Whitefield area follows his doctor’s advice of eating meals on time. Colleagues travelling with Sripad in office cab have seen him completing his breakfast at first signal, by the time they reach second signal, it would be lunch time for him.

“One day while having routine blood test found my sugar levels were high. I was in pre-diabetic condition. Doctors advised me unless I do lifestyle corrections like eating on time, regular exercise, I will struggle being a diabetic forever,” said Sripad while speaking to us.

“First correction I did was to shift little near to office. Instead of earlier six hours, now it takes about four hours in one way. Normally I will get in to my office cab around 8 AM in morning. By 8:15 AM, I will be having my breakfast peacefully sitting somewhere on the last row,” said Sripad.

Sripad added, “To reach office we need to cross two major signals, one at silk board junction during breakfast time, if everything goes right, Kundalahalli gate by lunch time. Our office cab driver is a smart guy. He knows how to avoid traffic signals, for that if he has to travel fifty kilometers extra that is fine. He would take some inside roads, as vehicles would be moving, nice breeze coming in, no one minds the extra nap inside cabs. More often than not, before noon I would be at the second signal to have my lunch.”

When we asked Sripad, eating is ok, what about exercise, he said, “We keep kits inside cab as we play tennis ball cricket matches on the way. At Silk Board junction one can play 10 overs a side match and in Kundalahalli Gate we get time to play one 5 overs match in nearby vacant government land. Techies from other office cabs, BMTC commuters including drivers, conductors join us as everyone knows traffic will not move for an hour at least. Looking at the demand we are planning to organize a tournament near these two signals.”

“When I started my career here in Bengaluru, it was 2 hours in traffic and 8 hours in office, now it is reverse. One has to adapt,” said Sripad before getting down.