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Breathing restricted to 2 breaths per minute in Delhi for next 3 days to reduce pollution

10, Nov 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: After failing to curb the pollution in Delhi through letters, notices, and tweets, all the authorities have come together to propose a new solution to improve the quality of air in Delhi NCR region. In a historic first, Center Government, Delhi Government, NGT and Supreme Court were all on the same page and agreed to this step to improve the quality of the air in the region. As per the new rule, every individual will be allowed a maximum of 2 breaths per minute to ensure they don’t exhale too much CO2.

Soon, this will be a thing of the past

The new rule will be implemented from Monday, 13th of November and will be in place till the 15th of the month. All the residents have been advised to practice reducing the number of breaths they take during the weekend so that they are ready for the rule on Monday morning. Depending on the improvement in air quality, the rule may be put in place permanently.

To ensure strict implementation of the rule, entire staff of Delhi government and Center government will be deputed in Delhi. Police from every state in the country has also been called to Delhi along with the Army to ensure strict implementation. Every Delhi resident will have an official tracking him all through the day to ensure only 2 breaths are taken per minute. A fine of 1,000 Rs per breath will be levied on the people breaking this rule.

People have been asked to avoid any physical exercise during these 3 days as that may increase their breathing rate. Activities like jogging, lifting heavy objects, having sex have all been banned as well for these 3 days. This has been called a path-breaking idea to reduce pollution and everyone is confident that they have finally found a practical solution to the air pollution.