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Bribes under 10,000 Rupees will not be punishable if paid online: Government of India

12, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Government of India is pushing for cashless transactions to reduce the cash in circulation and is coming up with various incentives to make people go cashless. In the latest push for cashless economy, government has decided that bribes under 10,000 Rs will not be punishable if the bribe is paid online.

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Ever since demonetization took 86% of the currency notes out of circulation, cash availability has been a major problem in India. To reduce the dependence on cash, government is incentivising cashless transactions and this is the latest step as country reduces its need for cash.

“Even though paying or receiving bribe is actually a crime but in national interest, we must try to overlook some of the petty crimes. Therefore, we have decided that we won’t be punishing anyone if the bribe exchanged is less than 10,000 Rs and if it is a cashless transaction. As a country, we must motivate everyone to move towards cashless economy and small brines constitute a very large part of our economy. Making these transactions cashless will reduce our requirement for cash by a huge percentage”, a centre government official told Faking News.

“Every time you accept a bribe, you must maintain a record of that. In case of an IT raid, you must submit the proofs that all bribes accepted by you were accepted online and were less than 10,000 Rs. 10,000 me aaj-kal aata bhi kya hai bhai, koi leta hai to le lene do, waise bhi desh ke bhale ke liye online rishwat le raha hai”, the official added.

Shortly after this announcement, peons across government offices have downloaded digital walltets and raised the entry fees inside offices for common man to 9,990 Rs.