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Bride and Groom can’t meet in the first night unless both have linked their PAN with Aadhaar

31, Aug 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: After taking series of steps including the latest one where Income Tax department has clearly told IT returns will not processed till the person links his PAN number with his Aadhaar number. It seems all these ‘warnings’ are falling on deaf ears and not many are linking their PAN and Aadhaar before the Aug 31st deadline comes to an end.

To make more and more people compliant Income Tax department has proposed to bring a new rule, Bride and Groom can’t have their first night till they get a “No Objection Certificate” from the department. The NOC will be issued after Income tax department verifies PAN and Aadhaar are linked for both. Government is planning to bring a new ordinance soon on this.

While talking to us Central Board of Direct Taxes Chairman Mr. Sunil Chandra said, “We are sorry to take this hard measure, but it seems there are not many options left before us. If people would have done it on their own, then why we would have proposed this step. We expect by end of end of September this new rule will come in to effect.”

On our question who does not have PAN and Aadhaar to link, Mr. Chandra said, “They can have their first night with an undertaking that they will link it as soon as they have and get a NOC from Income tax department. Please remember we have list of people who have PAN and Aadhaar. So, no one can take us for a ride.”

On the rationale behind this step, Mr. Chandra said, “Indian weddings typically have large gatherings. It will remain a hot topic in discussion among all the guests at the wedding, so many who have not done it till now will try to do it along with Bride and Groom. Quickly we will reach cent percent compliancy”.

Newly wed Manohar and Sarita were surprised to find tax department people knocking their doors on 1st night. “It seems in a hurry both have done mistake. Manohar has linked his PAN with Sarita’s Aadhaar and vice versa. After only they corrected, we allowed them to resume,” said the income tax department person.