Bride harassed for not leaving her family Whatsapp group and joining her in-laws Whatsapp group after marriage

03, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

A South Delhi bride has lodged a harassment complaint against her in-laws for not joining their Whatsapp group. In her statement the bride, Neha Aggrawal (name changed to protect identity) said that since the time she arrived at her in-laws house there has been a constant pressure to be part of their group. Any reluctance on her part would lead to taunts and at times physical abuse too.

“My mother-in-law asked for my smartphone on the first day of my arrival. When I asked why, she nonchalantly replied that she wanted to add me to the Whatsapp group created by her. But I thought it was too early, so I resisted. That’s when the harassment started. I was tortured on daily basis,” Neha recollected.

“She tied me to a chair and made me watch Race3 three times. I almost lost consciousness. I somehow survived the movie. Then she forced me to watch Thugs of Hindostan, which I couldn’t handle and fainted. And if that was not enough she made we watch Zero too. When I woke up, I was in the hospital,” she wailed.

Neha has also lodged a complaint with the NCW and the Commission is planning to take a legal route. “This is a clear case of domestic violence. How can they torture her with Thugs of Hindostan,” questioned the Chairman of NCW.

However, no amount of legal threat has had any effect on the in-laws, who are still adamant that their bahu join the group.

Speaking to Faking News her mother-in-law said, “Just like how she has left her house and is now part of our family, she needs to leave her old family group and join us. I am ready to make her the admin. Itne acche Good Morning messages bhejti hu main. Aur kya chahiye. Aisi sasu ma naseeb walon ko hi milti hai.”

Surprisingly the mother-in-law’s sentiment was not shared by her own son. “I have studied in a boys school. Did my specialization in mechanical engineering. Been a virgin all along. This whatsapp nonsense is the last thing on my mind,” he said, almost showing his desperation to consummate the marriage.