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Bride stops wedding midway and marries ceremonial horse after it was found to have better dancing skills than groom 

13, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

A wedding in Uttar Pradesh was cancelled midway after the bride was turned off by the grooms dancing skills causing much embarrassment for those present there. Friends and family were in a for a shock after the bride expressed her desire to marry the horse instead.

According to eyewitnesses, the ceremony was going as per plan when the groom decided to put on his dancing shoes. “All the baraatis broke out in a jig as the music started playing. The ceremonial horse too started dancing. But soon the merriment turned obscene after the groom showed his ‘nagin dance skills’. A few family members tried their best to handle the situation after they saw the embarrassment that was on display After the bride couldn’t take it any longer, she stopped the wedding and said that she’d be marrying the horse instead.”

Guests present at the wedding were initially shocked and seemed like they’d walk out from the venue, but decided otherwise after food stalls were opened. “I have traveled 2 hours with my family navigating the traffic. I wont go back without having food. To tell you honestly, I have come here for the food. I hardly know anyone at the wedding,” said one of the guest.

After some local news channels played the sequence of events, it soon turned political with Congress party pointing their guns at the state Govt. A senior congress leader stated how condition of women had deteriorated since Yogi Adityanath had taken over the reigns in UP. “What is happening . Women are being forced to marry horses in ‘Yogi’s Uttar Pradesh’.

Meanwhile, the horse which has now become a celebrity on social media, will be performing at IIFA 2017 in New York while matching steps with Bollywood actors like Tiger Shroff. Media has already lapped up the idea of having Tiger and Horse dancing on stage and is going all out to promote the function will special report with a headline that read ‘Tiger aur Ghoda bane dost. IIFA me nachenge saath saath’.