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Britain's CAG claims huge losses as British Raj didn’t loot India as Indians do

02, Oct 2013 By idiot420

London, UK. CAG of the United Kingdom has blasted the agents of the British Empire and officials of the East India Company for their incompetent and lazy policies in looting India, which amounted to a cumulative loss of ₤ 1 trillion.

The CAG undertook a “loot potential” assessment for the period between 1757 and 1947 and compared it with the period between 1947 and 2013. To their shock and horror, the CAG found that had the British rulers shown enough vigor in looting India as shown by the Indian rulers post Independence, they could have earned much more.

British Raj
Bunch of incompetent idiots?

“Huge, huge notional loss!” said the British CAG.

“We thought were better than Indians in Cricket and plundering, but they are way ahead of us in both these fields now,” the CAG made this scathing comment in their report.

The report has further raised questions on many policies British officials and rulers followed during the British Raj.

“They spent huge money on developing infrastructure, which was completely unnecessary. In modern India, they build them just on paper and route money to their personal accounts,” CAG pointed out some of the glaring inefficiencies the British Raj had.

“Modern politicians of India made money from fodder or even from spectrum – literally money made out of thin air, while our rulers were dependent on bullshit like lagaan,” the report says.

“British rulers also failed to monetize on cricket. Using their power they could have promoted the game and minted money the way BCCI is minting today. Instead, we dropped the idea of Indian Princely League – the original IPL,” the CAG report rued.

The report cites numerous such instances and puts a notional loss of over ₤ trillion, which could have been earned if the British rulers and the Company officials were as “ruthlessly professional” as their Indian counterparts.

Meanwhile a British MP, Kaipel Saibel has termed the CAG report as erroneous, Mr Saibel said, “As many Indians, after earning money by illicit ways, are investing in our country and depositing them in our banks, it’s a zero loss to the government.”