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Broad minded liberals decry revenge cry of beheaded cop’s son

08, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Ranchi. Various broad minded and liberal thinkers and activists have criticized seven-year-old Abhishek Induwar’s open threat to poor Naxalites of killing them when he grows up. Abhishek is the son of Jharkhand police officer Francis Induwar, who was beheaded by Maoist gentlemen, who inspire various poets, painters, actors, writers, journalists, politicians, social-workers, and human rights activists to think and act. Abhishek’s statement has shocked these sets of souls.

Abhishek inconsolable after death of his father
Abhishek inconsolable after death of his father

“You guys have killed my father. I will also kill you. I will become police and kill you people.” was the open threat to the poor Naxalites and Maoists by a sobbing Abhishek that was aired many times by some news channels.

“It was shocking to say the least. How can we call ourselves a civil society when such young kids talk about mindless revenge and violence towards poor and unarmed people? The real issue here is not the beheading of the police officer but the suffering of those helpless people, who have been victim of state sponsored terrorism.” Prakash Bhatt, a leading social worker and filmmaker said.

Broad minded liberal thinkers feel that instead of wasting time and money over modernization of police forces, the government should invite Maoist and Naxalites for discussions as these people were very good speakers. They argue that even though there have been beheadings, landmine blasts, kidnappings, arsons and murders, Maoists and Naxalites remained people who were “good at heart”.

“The beheading of the cop was just a symbol. Let not media highlight it brainlessly. It’s a fight for giving the oppressed a voice by these men who are basically good at heart. The real issues should be highlighted.” Kabaad Gandhi, a leading writer and human rights activist from Kolkata said.

A poor Maoist giving voice to oppressed people
A poor Maoist giving voice to oppressed people

Such thinkers have also cautioned some organizations against the idea of taking out a candle-light procession to oppose the beheading of the cop, as they fear that such acts belittle the bigger issues and shift the focus on smaller symptoms, causing children like Abhishek to lose reason.

A few of such thinkers secretly suspect Abhishek of playing up his grief and sobbing to attract the attention of television cameras, while some of them have proposed that Abhishek’s father was killed by the government itself to give a bad name to the poor and peaceful Maoists.