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We brought Rupee down so that it reaches even the lower classes: PM Narendra Modi

16, Aug 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: As Rupee touched its lowest value against the Dollar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared it a big win for the lower classes in the country.

modi thumbs up

PM Modi has said that high value rupee was always out of the reach of the poor people in the country but his government has made sure that rupee’s value dropped enough for it to become affordable even for the lowest classes in the country.

Rupee crashed to a value of 70 against the Dollar and PM Modi has claimed that what Congress couldn’t do in 70 years, they have done in only 4 years of his government.

Speaking to the media, BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra defended PM’s remarks and said, “Rupee’s value should be low enough to make it affordable for the poor but previous governments never paid much attention to it. Even when rupee started falling, they increased its value through artificial measures to keep it out of the reach of the common man. But now we have made sure that Rupee has fallen right down to the earth so that anyone can pick it up from the road.”

“Opposition is attacking us for falling value of the Rupee because they are suit-boot ki opposition, they don’t want to see the Rupee reaching the poor people of the country. Rahul Gandhi himself deals in Euro so he is not bothered about the problems faced by the people due to high value of the Rupee but we are. Hopefully we will lead Rupee to a century before long, after that we will rename Rupee to Kohli”, he added.

When we asked what the people of India will use to buy this cheaper Rupee, Mr. Patra called us an anti-national and walked out of the Press Conference.

After hearing this explanation, experts believe next year’s Nobel Prize for Economics could go to Mr. Sambit Patra.