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Bruised and Battered student believed to be part of Anti CAA protest was later found to be Andheri resident who accidentally entered Virar local

17, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Though no untoward incident was reported in yesterday’s anti CAA protest in Mumbai, pictures of a bruised and battered student made rounds on social media evoking concerns. It was later found that the student was not a protester but a commuter from Andheri who accidentally got into a Virar local.


Faking News spoke to an eyewitness who was present when the incident happened and said, “He probably didn’t see the platform indicator and jumped into the train just as it was about to leave. The problem started when he wanted to get down at Andheri while traveling in a Virar local that too during rush hour. While he pushed his way towards the exit, the obstinate Virar guys blocking the door made sure that he wouldn’t get a chance to get out under any circumstance. And what ensued was the trashing that Rajpal Yadav gets in most his movies.”

Many regular commuters condemned this incident, especially the ones from Borivili. Some of them empathized with the students.

It didn’t takes certain social media handles to give a political twist to the image of the bruised student. The usual suspects on twitter called it police brutality and wanted the CM to take action. Many were even calling for a separate protest to express solidarity with the student.