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Builder illegally occupies PM residence at Lok Kalyan Marg in PM Modi’s absence

10, May 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In a shocking development, central government discovered today that a builder from Gurugram has occupied the official PM residence at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg and is preparing to demolish it. The builder intends to construct a 50 storey residential apartments building there after demolishing the PM residence.

PM residence has been unoccupied for the past few days as the PM first visited China for a summit with President Xi Jinping and then headed to Karnataka to campaign for the ongoing assembly elections.

While illegal occupation of a plot of land is nothing new in India, this is the first time that someone has decided to take over such a high-profile property. Government is in a bind now as they know that if they approach Court to take help for evicting the builder, they will only be able to get the property back by 2250 AD.

When Faking News approached the builder for his side of the story, he said,” I was observing this property for past several days and noticed that nobody lives there. As you know, in NCR, khaali property to khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai, so I thought since nobody is using this property then I will use this location to construct a residential tower. We will even give 2 flats to the PM once he returns, what is the fight?”

“If they are not satisfied with the offer of 2 flats, let them go to court. We already have ongoing cases for 50 other properties, let 51st be also added to the list. We already have done a deal with a lawyer on wholesale basis so no additional cost to us”, he further added.

Meanwhile, Karnataka BJP is busy making sure that PM Modi doesn’t hear about this news before the day of the election as they want him to stay there at any cost till then.