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Builders sell more homes promising internet connectivity than road connectivity

27, Sep 2017 By RT

Mumbai. Builders sell more homes promising Internet connectivity than the road connectivity, a local newspaper has observed in the commercial capital. The newspaper mostly carries more pages of real estate advertisements than the actual news.

“If there are bumpy roads to my home, I can adjust. But, I cannot tolerate uneven Internet connectivity to my mobile, especially when I am on whatsapp. How many people in the road care about you and ask ‘What’s up?’ With Internet, I am personally an administrator of 10 different whatsapp groups. All roads, gravel or not, may lead to Rome; however Internet brings Rome to my own home,” a home seeker told Faking News on the importance of Internet connectivity.

“I was very much worried about the lack of proper roads to the new buildings. No buyers actually cared about that. Everyone asked about the number of towers. Initially, I thought that they are asking about the residential towers. Only later did I realise that they are enquiring about the cell-phone towers. In fact, we have renamed our buildings from the Italian names to mobile companies’ names – Idealica, Airtelia, Vodafonea and Jiosimca,” a TRAI certified builder told Faking News.

“Jiosimca and Airtelia are our hot selling homes and Vodafonea is catching up. We are completely running out of ideas to sell homes of Idealica. For DoCoMo, we did not have to do any re-branding. When we asked a few potential buyers why they insisted on Internet connectivity, they replied by saying ‘With Internet we can order everything online and get it delivered to our doorsteps at homes. Don’t need real roads anymore to go out’. So, our roads to these facilities will remain as gravest of gravel roads,” the builder further added.

Faking News reporter left one of those premises on his two-wheeler, with a lot of difficulty, wondering how any delivery person will be able to reach the building to deliver the items ordered online.