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Building watchman stuck with 37 boxes of Soan Papdi after collecting Diwali gifts from residents

23, Oct 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Diwali is over and so is the process of circulating gifts among friends, families, and building watchmen. Every year on Diwali, people receive gifts and sweets, and then pass them on to the next person. While crockery items are passed on to family members, dry fruit boxes end up with neighbors, and Soan Papdi eventually finds its way to the watchman or maid working in the house. Thanks to this tradition, a watchman in a residential building in Ghatkopar has a pile of 37 boxes of Soan Papdi in his house.

Soan papdi
Diwali’s trademark mithai

When Nirmal Singh started visiting the flats of all the residents in the society where he works, he didn’t expect everyone to give him the same half kg box of Soan Papdi. “I was expecting a few boxes but I thought most of them will give me 100 Rupees note or something, but everyone went cashless in the society and stuck to Soan Papdi”, Nirmal said, “From every flat I kept getting that bloody Soan Papdi box as Diwali bakshish, some of them even tried to push 2 boxes but I ran before they could return with the second box.”

Further, he added ,”I collected 40 boxes in total and now despite eating Soan Papdi for every meal since yesterday, I still have 37 boxes left. maybe I will go to the sweets shop and sell them at half price or something. We rely on Diwali bakshish for a happy Diwali and now our Diwali has turned totally yellow thanks to this Soan Papdi. I request Modi Ji to ban this mithai or at least introduce 1000% GST on it so that people stop buying this.”

At this point, we took Nirmal’s leave as he headed to the nearest sweets shop but not before he shoved two boxes of Soan papdi in our hands.