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Businessman divorced after failing to make it to the black money list

28, Oct 2014 By MRP

Mumbai: A South Mumbai based businessman is reportedly going to be divorced for not being on the list of Swiss Bank account holders, released by the government.

Mr. Dhanraj Singh Kaala, a successful businessman and neighbour of one of the businessmen named in the list, while is relieved that he has not been named but is facing predicament of a divorce, after a long marriage of thirty years, for reasons best explained by his wife.

Black money has unexpected but interesting consequences
Black money has unexpected but interesting consequences

Mrs. Kaala has been telling people privately, “My husband has always been telling me that he is earning a lot and that he has amassed a lot of wealth. I was always suspicious, but now it is confirmed. We are not that rich after all. Look at out next door neighbour. His name flashed on all TV screens. He has not one but three foreign accounts. All my husband has is one SBI account and one Bank of Maharashtra account, that too a current account. I am shattered now. I have been telling all my friends about our assets and our status in the society. What will they think of us now? I can’t show them my face. They won’t believe me any more.”

Dhanraj however finds himself between the devil and deep blue sea. If he has to save his marriage, he has to reveal the fact that he indeed has an account in a Swiss Bank. His wife would need documentary evidence and plain words will not do the trick. If he does that, he runs the risk of attracting the authorities. And then his wife might still be unhappy that he has just one and not three such accounts, like their neighbour.

The latest rumour is that Dhanraj has sought to buy some time to find a solution. He has asked his wife to wait for further lists from the government, in which he hopes to find a place.

Mrs. Kaala had grudgingly agreed to put the divorce proceedings on hold, but with the threat that she would go ahead with the petition if Dhanraj does not figure in the next three lists.

“In any case you are not on the top of the list, but I will grant it to you,” she is reported to have told him.