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Busy dancing to Bollywood numbers, devotees forget to take Ganpati idol from sculptor, return empty handed

06, Sep 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: A group of devotees from a mandal in Dadar forgot to take the Ganpati idol from the sculptor as they were busy dancing to Bollywood music, leaving organizers of the festival red-faced.

Too busy with dance. Forgot to bring the idol.
Too busy with dance. Forgot to bring the idol.

Apparently, the faux-pas was found when the group returned empty handed only to be confronted by people about the idol.

Faking News reporter spoke to one of the organizers who said, “Usually we have a mix of elderly and youngsters who go and collect the idol from the youngsters. But this year we thought of letting the younger generation take lead and have them collect it instead. It eventually turned out to be a huge mistake.”

“These kids are good for nothing. They were more interested in dancing to the songs than preparing for Bappa’s arrival. I thought at least they’d know a few aartis. But all they knew were ‘beat pe booty’ and ‘kaaal chashma’. These people have hijacked the festival,” he said in an irritated tone.

“The sthapana was supposed to be at 11:00 am, but these guys didn’t return till 11:30. That’s when we thought something was wrong. And when they returned, they had no clue about the idol,” he added.

At one point it was thought that the idol was stolen and almost led to a chaotic situation after news channels adding their own twist.

“We were almost going to have a report on the missing idol with our in house investigator Anoop Soni solve the case on Crime Patrol. But we later found out the facts and junked the idea,” said a Senior-Editor of a news channel.