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Busy with Diwali decoration HR person forgets to process October month salary

01, Nov 2018 By dasu

Angry Employees of teen Lakhia Technologies protested in front of their boss’s cubicle as October month salary was not credited to their account.

diwali decoration

Accounts department put the blame on HR department for not processing the salary and sending the all-important spreadsheet to them on time.

HR department blames the wrong timing of this year Diwali. “Last two weeks we have worked day and night to ensure our employees get the best selfies with perfectly lighted green diyas in the back drop. Full team did not sleep last night to track how many liters of oil is consumed by these Diyas per night, so that adequate quantity is handed over to office boys to keep them glowing over the weekend. Employees are blaming us?” said Rashmi R, HR head of the company.

“Every month employees get salary, Diwali comes once a year. We are disappointed with our non-cooperating employees. Even pizza delivery companies do not guarantee thirty-minute delivery during festival time. We will add such clause to offer letter to set the correct expectation,” added Rashmi.

Atul Kapoor an angry employee said, “We never complained about our HR people’s attendance in office which is like Haley’s comet. But Salary is something we need to settle our Manyavar kurta bills which they forced us to wear for this year function”.

“Diwali comes once a year, but landlord shows up on 1st of every month. Other than this half beer bottle, what else can I give him when he turns up,” asked Atul.

Employees like Atul demanded for months like October November and December where HR team gets busy due to so many functions, decorations, salary must be credited for the quarter in advance.