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Buzzfeed employee files for divorce after partner fails to tell '10 things he loves about her'

17, Jun 2016 By Guest Patrakar

Delhi: A disgruntled Buzzfeed employee decided to end her marriage after her husband could come up with 5 Things he loved about her, ending a relationship of 5 years.

Do it, if you have not made your already
Do it, if you have not made your list already

Meera Mathur, whose love marriage to Ajay weathered many ups and down, fell apart like a dry twig after her better half couldn’t come up with the aforementioned list.

Speaking to Faking News, a distraught Meera said, “Can you believe it. My husband can’t even come up 5-lister about me. All my life I have written articles about 5 this and 5 that, but didn’t realize my own married life was so shallow. I don’t think we can live under one roof after this.”

Apparently, friends and family have tried doing ‘5 things’ to help the couple sort their differences, but things have reached a point of no return. “There is no scope for reconciliation. Now it’s just ‘5 things a woman should do support herself after a divorce’ for me,” said Meera, surrounded by a pile of tissue papers, as he tried to hold back her tears.

Our reporter tried speaking to Ajay Mathur, but he declined to comment on the issue.

Meera’s case may seem like an isolated one, but statistics reveal an increasing number of couples who succumb to marriage insecurity.

Marriage counselor Daljeet Dhillon, blamed the thinning line between office and work for most relationships souring. “I had couple come to with their marital problem. The wife was almost on the verge of giving a divorce after the husband forgot to wish her on her birthday. The husband who is an HR Manager, said that he had already sent a happy birthday email to her first thing in the morning.”