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Buzzfeed writer who wrote '7 ways to keep relation' gets dumped by girlfriend for spending too much time in Article writing

06, Oct 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: Oh, BuzzFeed. Sure, the website churns out some quality pieces. However, their clickbait headlines are an ongoing internet joke. Their ability to turn everything into a “top 10” list is extraordinary. Sometimes we don’t even have knowledge about kind of items they include in their lists. ‘7 ways to find if your GF is cheating on you’, ‘ 8 signs of you being in love’ and many more.


Harneet Ahuja has been a Buzzfeed writer for years and has continuously churned out some interesting lists. His last titled ‘9 ways to ask for pocket money’ went viral and parents almost filed a case against him. Harneet is a brave writer, a category which is seeing its number going down and down. He again created a buzz on Saturday with his article ‘7 ways to keep your job’. This time though, the article didn’t strike a chord with the youth which is already aware of ways to keep their job and work towards a brighter future. It didn’t stop at that, as Harneet had to let go his own job after his boss fired him for the lack of engagement on his piece. It is shocking to learn that even after knowing the 7 ways to keep one’s job, Harneet himself forgot to apply those principles in real life. Harneet’s loss has opened the eyes of many other aspiring writers as they are clear now that what matters in the industry is the ‘NO OF LIKES’ on the article and not the quality.

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