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C.A. aspirant enters Limca Book of Records after failing the C.A. Finals for the 58th time

18, Jul 2017 By Akash Vadera

The results of C.A. Finals were announced today and millions of aspirants who gave the exam were awaiting their fate. However, it was a bitter-sweet moment for Mumbai-based C.A. aspirant Ankit Jain. Unfortunately, he could not clear the C.A. finals again this year, but there was a silver lining to it. This was Ankit’s 58th attempt this year due to which he has entered the Limca Book of Records for failing the C.A. finals 58 times.


We interviewed him and here’s what a confused Ankit had to say “I am very very confused. I don’t know whether I should cry over not clearing the finals or cherish the fact that I am now in the Limca Book of Records.” When asked about what made him give the exam 58 times, he replied “I was a very determined kid since my childhood. Once I decide upon something, I don’t EVER let it go. When I failed the finals for the first time, my seniors told me that clearing finals in the first attempt is so unusual that they ban you from getting jobs if you do so. A true C.A. is the one who has given at least 3 attempts. The more number of attempts you give, the better job you get. After I failed the exam 10 times, I could not find my seniors as they didn’t pick up my calls. I assume they must have gotten really great jobs outside the country since all of them had at least given 10 attempts. Now, I had reached 20 and I started feeling really confident that when I clear in the 21st attempt, I am going to get even a way better job than theirs. But then I couldn’t clear it for 38 more times including this year.”

When asked how his family reacted, he replied “My family has been very supportive right from the 3rd attempt. Initially, my dad was disappointed, but when I explained to him that the more attempts I give, the better job I’ll get, he got on board after the 10th attempt. My relatives got on board after the 34th attempt, but my girlfriend left me after my 50th attempt. She has such a narrow vision; she doesn’t understand what a bright future she could have had with me. Anyway, it is just because of the support of my family, friends, relatives, neighbor, dog, my building watchman, my seniors and even a little bit because of my ex-girlfriend that I was able to achieve this feat of giving exam 58 times. I am so delighted that I am a part of Limca Book of Records that from today I pledge to drink only Limca. I will order Limca Float in McDonalds; I will order Limca combos in theatres and I will only snort Limca.” our interviewer had to end the interview to avoid making it controversial. We wished him all the best as he went to study for his 59th attempt.