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CA ousted from community after he fails to provide any expert advice on GST on social media

02, Jul 2017 By sameer mahawar
GST, which has had been a boon for Chartered Accountants and Tax Practitioners in India, became a bane for an introvert Chartered Accountant when he failed to express his opinion on the subject matter on social media.
Rajeev Rajan (known as CA Rajeev Rajan on his Facebook Profile) was barred from the WhatsApp group of Mumbai Chartered Accountants when his partner complaint to the admin of the group that he hasn’t expressed his views so far on any of the social media platforms. Though CA Rajeev is running his own practice and has been advising his clients on various issues related to GST, but failure on his part to update even a single status on Facebook, has caused him this unbearable pain.
CA Manish Mittal, partner of Rajeev Rajan, updated us about the same. According to CA Manish, Rajeev doesn’t access his facebook and twitter profiles much. He said,” Rajeev has good knowledge about GST. He has charged heavily to the clients to whom he provided the services. But what is required is that each and every CA should share his opinion on social media to make audience believe that he is really expert in the subject matter. Clients won’t appreciate us in public. Its we who have to publicize work by ourselves.
“Rajeev doesn’t praise himself. It took him two years of time to go from Rajeev Rajan to CA Rajeev Rajan on his Facebook profile. Now a days, even CA students acts as Financial experts among their family and friends. This is laziness on his part and he deserved to be punished. Many other CAs are delivering lectures, conducting seminars and are self certified experts, but my Partner is even’t a inch close to them.” said Manish and left for his YouTube interview on GST and is expecting to fetch minimum 10 views on it.