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Cab driver breaks the previous record, did not honk for 4.6 seconds

17, Jan 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Cab driver Murugan has broken a long-standing record by not honking for 4.6 seconds within city limits. Earlier record was for 3.8 seconds, by bettering it by 20% percent, many traffic experts say this record is going to stay for long long time.

Bengaluru traffic Police wants to reward Murugan and want him to be the ‘MargDarshak’ for other cab drivers in the city. In this regard, it has started due diligence process by checking the ‘health’ of the horn of Murugan’s cab as first step.

“It was working perfectly fine. I have talked to people who were sitting on the same cab when this happened. They have also confirmed about the record”, said Manjunath Gowda, traffic constable.

Mr. Gowda added, “Just imagine, in a city where many can’t keep their hands away horns for more than few milliseconds, a person like Murugan did it for close to five seconds. Soon we are going to reward Murugan in a public function”.

Though traffic police is happy with Murugan, many of his fellow colleagues are upset with him for his un-cabwalah kind of behavior.

One such cab driver Harish whose cab was behind Murugan’s said, “Because of his sheer negligence, many people crossed the road in front of his cab. It delayed my cab time as well as others behind me to the airport. Does he know what has he done? It was huge loss for all of us. We have asked cab association to take out his license and bar him from road at least for next one year”.

While speaking to Faking News, Murugan said, “I do not want this record or reward. Jo mujhe aapne logon ke saamne nicha karde, us award ka kya value hai. Have written a letter to cab association requesting to forgive me as this was just one brain fade moment. From now on, even for 10 milliseconds my cab horns won’t remain silent”.