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Cab driver caught driving within speed limit on national highway was found to be heavily drunk

06, Jan 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: City traffic police are adopting various methods to catch the culprits who are hell-bent on breaking traffic rules. Few days back traffic constable Nagaraj intercepted a vehicle which was going smoothly, but it was being driven well within the speed limit mentioned on NH75.

Nagaraj’s suspicion was correct, the vehicle was being driven by a driver called Murugan who was heavily drunk.

While speaking to us on the drunken-driving case, Nagaraj said, “Going beyond speed limits specified on highways or within city limits is pretty normal. Sometimes we come across few vehicles who drive within the limit especially in areas where drivers know there would be no interceptor vehicles.”

Nagaraj added, “Many cases it would be a case of tubeless tyre puncture or some problem in vehicle where the driver would be looking for the nearest garage, these vehicles are easy to make out. But Murugan’s vehicle looked all ok, that’s why I intercepted him. If he would have driven like all others zoom through on highways, by this time he would have reached Chennai. Lekin dekho, Abhi to jail mein baith ke Chakki Nahin Piss Raha hai, TV dekh raha hai.

Nagaraj’s out-of-box thinking has not gone unnoticed. Mr. T. Suneel Kumar, Bengaluru city police commissioner while recommending Nagaraj for promotion said, “Who knows, this Murugan could have done some catastrophe like what Salman Khan’s driver did some time back.”

“As you know interceptor or CCTV cameras are not working as deterrent in this country. Rule breakers are smart people or with smart connections who dodge whatever system we put in place. We need more and more smart policemen like Nagaraj to catch the culprits red-handed. My advice to all the traffic rule breakers, all of you are not beinghuman, so please be afraid of Kanoon, jiska ka haath bahut lamba hota hai,” said Mr. Suneel Kumar.