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CAG accepts its mistake says “Not only humans Railway food is unfit for consumption for Lizards too”

27, Jul 2017 By dasu

Mughal Sarai, UP: After a dead lizard was found in the veg biriyani served to a commuter on Poorva express, Indian railways setup an inquiry committee consisting of its senior officials to find the reason behind it. As per its preliminary report, the lizard was perfectly fine till it ate the biriyani. Probably there was something in the biriyani which it could not withstand.

“We have collected the samples from the caterer and we are feeding them to rats, cockroaches and Lizards, to see their reaction to the food. Within a day or two we will conclude on our observation”, said R.P. Gupta senior official of railways who is heading the inquiry committee.

After the dead lizard report came to limelight, CAG has accepted the grave mistake it did it its last week report which said railway food is unfit for human consumption., “It’s a mistake, we should have done further study, how different animals, pests react to such food before sharing the risk in our report”, said S.K. Sharma, CAG of India while talking to our reporter.


The railway caterer whose license has been cancelled said, “I am working with railways for years. The food I gave that day was much better quality. It’s sabotage to harm my reputation. I am confident nothing will happen to the lizards, cockroaches, rats on whom they are doing the study. After all these pests, have feasted on the ‘tasty’ food we have thrown on the floor”.

In the meantime, Maneka Gandhi has strongly reacted to the death of the Lizard and demanded strong action against the caterer who is behind this.