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Call centre guy talks to autowala with American accent and gets charged the tourist fare which is 6 times the normal fare

18, Nov 2016 By RT

Bangalore. Kumar, resident of R.T. Nagar, who works in a call center in central part of the city. Kumar’s full-time job is to talk in American accent and part-time job is to actually solve customers’ problems.


Last week, when he took an auto ride from work to home, he was charged 6 times the normal fare, it was reported to Faking News. The incident happened before the note ban came into effect.

It was a normal day at work for Kumar, nicknamed Kevin for the job, to attend calls from unknown persons from unknown locations and for unknown reasons other than the obvious benefit of a paltry sum in the form of monthly salary. When he left work that day, he missed the office cab.

Kumar hailed an auto and when he said, ‘I wanna go to R.T.Nagar’, the autowala smiled and he, the passenger, thought the auto guy is a friendly nighttime service provider. The driver’s smile widened when Kumar asked, ‘dude! Do you have change for Rs.1000?’

When the auto reached R.T.Nagar, Kumar gave the currency note and waited for rs.850 change. He was shocked when the auto driver gave him rs.100 and smiled for one last time.

Kumar demanded an explanation and the driver said that it was a regular tourist charge of rs.450, doubled for the night ride and sped away.

“It ain’t my day and this ain’t fair. It is freaking rip off,” Kumar was seen murmuring to himself, it was reported to the Faking News reporter by the night watchman of the apartment building where Kumar was dropped off.