He came without summons and didn't complain of chest pain, politicians like him are rare today: ED officials get emotional while speaking about Sharad Pawar 

27, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

NCP leader Sharad Pawar, who landed at the ED office today without being summoned, managed to elicit appreciation from the officials.

sharad pawar

The Maratha strongman had earlier said that he was busy next week so wouldn’t be in a position to attend any ED questioning. “I will visit only once. Ask me whatever you want. I won’t come again as my election campaign kick off later this week. Not to mention that Online Shopping Festivals and Bigg Boss 13 are all  starting this week. So you see my schedule is packed and won’t be available for questioning,” he said while speaking to assembled media-persons.

Mr. Pawar’s forthcoming demeanor saw a few ED officials getting emotional. “In this day and age when politicians do anything they can to avoid the law, Mr. Pawar is a beacon of hope. We didn’t summon him, yet he presented himself at our office. And he didn’t complain of chest pain! This is so uncharacteristic of Indian politicians. If only every leader was like Sharad Pawar,” said a Senior ED Official as his eyes welled up.

Sources say–with everyone getting emotional–the scenes at the ED office resembled the judges bench at dance reality show. Many officials even shut the gates of the premises and said that they were so moved by Mr. Pawar’s gesture that they’d not let him step foot in the building.

Insiders say that ED may even consider squash the money laundering case against the leader. A decision in this regard will be taken next week.