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I can make out anyone from their clothes except Ranveer Singh: PM Modi at election rally

17, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

PM Modi’s comment on attributing the riots to people who wear certain kind of clothes, stirred a hornets nest. Many opposition leaders expressed their displeasure over the comments and called it communal.

TMC leader while speaking to her supporters took shots at the ruling BJP and said that at a time when the country was burning, PM was busy identifying clothes. “What is the obsession with clothes. People have not voted you to power so that you can identify clothes. PM should apologize and step down immediately,” she screamed while addressing her supporters.

PM Modi however stuck to his earlier comments and while addressing an election rally in Jadavpur remarked that expect bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, he can identify anyone by just having a glance at their attire.

PM Modi recalled how he once met a contingent of bollywood actors and how he failed to recognize Ranveer Singh among them.

“They had come to meet me and I was very pleased to share my Mann Ki Baat with them. I noticed a strange looking woman with the group. Though she was dressed in a femnie attire, there was something strange in the way she looked. I mean her dress wasn’t going with the beard and moustache she was sporting. Mujhe laga koi naya style hoga isliye maine jyada socha nahi. Lekin baad mein pata chala ki woh toh Ranveer Singh hai. I also came to know that he(Ranveer) sometimes wears Deepika’s clothes,” PM said while speaking at the rally.

Faking News tried reaching out to Ranveer Singh, but the actor was out of town shooting for his next project.