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Can’t afford to keep my boys on bench indefinitely, need date from ‘Padmavati’ makers: Karni Sena Chief

24, Nov 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Shree Rajput Karni Sena Chief, Lokendra Singh Kalvi is angry after the makers of Padmavati postponed the movie’s release date indefinitely.


There are some talks movie will be released after the Gujrat election. Some are saying censor board is planning to watch two minutes of the movie every day, in that way they might take 68 days to see the full movie and give the censor certificate, post that producers of the movie will find a suitable Friday as its release date.

“I do not care. For last three days, my boys are sitting idle, doing nothing. Khali Roti Tod Rahe Hain Muft mein, idhar baith ke. I will not be able to keep my boys on bench like this for long time,” said Mr. Kalvi who demands the makers of the movie must announce the release date in a day or two.

“If that does not happen, we will come to the street and intensify our protest. Yeh kya censor board 68 days ka rule laga raha hai. We have already told, movie has many scenes that distorts our history. Give the copy of the movie to me, I will say in a day what should remain, what should be cut”, said Mr. Kalvi.

Mr. Kavi added, “I got my boys by telling them, all our protest will end by December 1st. That’s why we shifted our protest to 5th gear 4 weeks before the release date. Now they are asking me, how long they have to stay in these temporary camps away from their family. Who will pay for their daily allowance, khane ke khrach alag, tooth brush, paste, soap, kangi sab kuch mujhe arrange karna padta hai. On top of this, Raat ko aur kuch alag demand rehta hai entertainment ke liye”.

Mr. Kalvi and his team are planning to thrash the producers to get a copy of the movie. They will release it as per the original plan on Dec 1st, along with that end this movie’s protest. They will go back home, take rest till next opportunity comes in their way”.