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Captain Vijaykanth threatens to remake Tera Suroor in Tamil if people don’t vote for him

16, Mar 2016 By @jurnoleast

Chennai: Playing on the fear of the masses, DMDK chief Captain Vijaykanth has issued a threat to voters in Tamil Nadu asking them to vote for his party failing to which he will release the tamil remake of Himesh Reshammiya’s Tera Suroor.

Voters beware ! A poster of Vijaykanth's Tamil remake.
Voters beware ! A poster of Vijaykanth’s Tamil remake.

Speaking at a press conference in Chennai, Captain threatened to unleash the movie on voters if the results didn’t turn out in favor of his party.

“I have had enough of Amma. It’s now time for me to take over. Listen you people, you have only two options. Bring me to power or watch tamil remake of Thheraa Zuroor,” he thundered.

Media analysts say that the move is a masterstroke by the captain as panic stricken people of the state were seen discussing ways to circumvent the impending catastrophe.

“We thought since the movie is in Hindi we are all safe here and we won’t have to tolerate it. But if Captain comes out with a remake, we are all doomed,” said Ajith Kumar, an engineering student and first time voter.

Meanwhile, Karunanidhi was all praise for the Captain saying that deparate times need desperate measures. “My good wishes are with Captain. I am also grateful to Ghimesh Rheshammya. We will come to power this time for sure,” he said with a wide grin.