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Car manufacturing company buys back cars after driver doesn't honk within seconds of green signal

02, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi: On Tuesday, a car manufacturing company shocked the entire automobile industry by buying back one entire segment of its cars anticipating a horn related problem.

32 Years old, Santosh Varma, was on his way to office when he had to stop his car at a signal in Rajiv Chowk. Santosh stopped his car and was waiting for the signal to go green.

Apparently, Santosh didn’t honk even once after the signal went green and seeing this, the person behind Santosh’s car came out of his car and started abusing Santosh. The person not only abused Santosh but also tweeted about the incident, mentioning the official handle of the car company.

The car manufacturing company immediately responded and stopped the production of that segment of cars. Soon after this, the company made a press conference and announced that the company will buy back all cars in that segment.

What was initially applauded turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes for the company. There was absolutely no problem with the car and it was Santosh who had waited peacefully without honking even after traffic signal went green.

Faking News reporter spoke to the Sales Manager of the car company, Mr. B M Dabloo. Mr. Dabloo said, “For Indians, we specifically design cars that have the smallest reaction time while pressing the horn. We are working on time automatic horns too. An automatic horn will ensure that the car honks by itself within nanoseconds of the traffic signal going green. It’s difficult to believe that Santosh didn’t honk even once after the signal turned green.”

While car companies are seeing Indians being impatient as an industry potential, it’s time we Indians told these car companies that India is a land of yoga and being patient is one of our top qualities.