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'Car Of the Year' sticker manufacturing sector is twice as big compared to car manufacturing sector in India: Faking News Survey

12, Feb 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Two things are difficult to find in Mumbai, one is space and another is a car without the ‘Car Of The Year’ sticker. Almost all car we found on the roads of Mumbai had a sticker claiming itself to be the best Car in the market. It’s difficult to comprehend how every car is a winner and no one is a loser in any award category, so our team decided to dig deep and find out the truth behind the story.


After doing a pilot in Mumbai, we realized that the companies producing ‘Car Of The Year’ stickers have revenues double than the actual Car making companies in India. In fact currently, the stickers in stocks are sufficient for 10 lac Cars which will be manufactured in the coming days. We also found out that any Car making company first selects the design of the sticker before producing the car. If they like the design of the sticker and the graphics then and then only they give a go-ahead to the production.

The government is also supporting the sticker manufacturing companies as there are many people whose livelihood depends on this booming industry. We too urge our readers to only buy cars which have these stickers on them and help the sticker making industry grow at a faster pace and contribute towards the ‘Make In India’ campaign.