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Cardiologist announces Valentine's day offer, 50% off for treatment of broken hearts during the week

11, Feb 2018 By RT

Mumbai. A Cardiologist in the city has announced Valentine’s day offer for treatment of broken hearts during this week.The offer extends 50% off for the treatment of a guy with 3 to 5 proposal failures and 75% off for guys with more than 5 proposal failures, it is learnt by Faking News.


“Every business house declares a  Valentine’s day offer. Restaurants, bakeries, spas, clothing stores and all kinds of online stores and malls announce attractive offers for the Valentine’s day. Some are relevant to the theme of the day and some are not. For the first time in the history of medical business, we are declaring Valentine’s day offer for treatment of broken hearts. Now, this is what is the most relevant offer for the day” the cardiologist flashed a hearty smile, talking to Faking News.

“We are giving offers for anyone with more than 3 heartbreaks in this week. For 2 heartbreaks, the guy should be able to handle it without needing help from a cardiologist. But, still if he needs help, we charge him our regular rates at 100%. A word of caution here that our regular rates will give a heart attack to a normal healthy person. So, the guys with weak hearts are advised to not visit us with a silly reason of 2 heart breaks. Finally, our security personnel are instructed not to allow anyone with just 1 proposal failure” the doctor explained the offer in detail.

The cardiologist had himself received several rejections during the college years and understands the problems of youngsters during the most difficult time of the year, an assistant from the clinic told Faking News. Websites like PayTM have advertised further cashbacks on the offer and Ola offers a free ride to the clinic and back on 14th February, it is now learnt by Faking News.