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Angry customers manhandle staff after store found using rats to nibble at jeans and pass it off as shredded

05, Oct 2017 By @jurnoleast

A clothing store in Gurgaon that allegedly got intoxicated rats to nibble at jeans and then sold it off to customers as shredded jeans is now facing the ire of angry customers. A few customers who came to know of this landed up at the store and manhandled the staff, who claim to have no knowledge about this.

Jasleen Bhatia, who was one of the disgruntled customer, spoke to our reporter and said, “I was at the store this morning and while looking for the changing room I wandered off in some area of the store meant only for staff. That’s when I saw around 10 rats nibbling at a pair of jeans. I also saw a staff member putting a tag on the nibbled jeans and telling someone to put the clothing on display for customers to buy.”

When confronted, the store manager feigned ignorance. But after detailed interrogation by the cops, the store owner revealed that these rats were brought from Bihar a few months back because there was a lot of demand for shredded jeans but the store was out of stock. “We did not want to turn away customers and lose out on business opportunity. So we thought of doing it this way,” said the store owner while revealing his motive.

Cops suspect that these are the same rats that drank 10000 litres of alcohol from a police station in Bihar. “We have registered a case against the store owner as well as the rats. All rats have been taken into custody and are being questioned. Samples of the shredded jeans have been sent to forensic lab for analysis,” said a Delhi Police official.