Case registered against man who tricked woman into marriage by claiming to be a wine shop owner

08, May 2020 By yogy

A Delhi man who lured a woman into marrying him by claiming to own a wine shop has been arrested.

wine shop

The couple met each other at the wine shop and immediately fell in love. Given how wine shop owners are minting money in the last few days, made the woman feel that the man is well off financially.

Within few hours they both agreed to get married and the ceremony was solemnized amidst the lockdown.

It was later that the woman realized that her husband was just a temporary worker at the neighborhood theka and not an owner.

While speaking to Faking News, the woman said, “All I wanted was someone who is financially stable. And that is the only reason I agreed to marry him. Not because I wanted unlimited supply of breezer. Forget wine shop, this fraudster doesn’t even own a grocery store.”

Alcohol shops are doing brisk business and owners are minting money. A source working with a popular matrimonial site said that amidst the lockdown and job losses, the only profession that may attract a prospective bride is that of owning a wine shop.

The above statement was corroborated by Gulpreet Singh from Haryana, who owns Gullu Da Theka. “Since opening of wine shops was announced, I have suddenly become popular among not just women but men too. This has become rather uncomfortable for me now. I spend my entire day just deleting these messages so that my wife doesn’t get to see them when I reach home,” he said, showing some of the raunchy messages that he received.