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Cases filed against Bahubali and Kattappa for torching bull horns under amended PCA

03, Jun 2017 By manithan

Hyderabad: Animal rights activists have filed cases against Bahubali Senior and his sidekick Kattappa under the new amended Prevention of Cruelty to Animals act.

Vows for Cows is an animal rights group operating in South India with its headquarters located in Hyderabad. It had been vocal about its cause, which is, prevention of cruelty to cattle, especially cows. This group had filed the case against Bahubali and Kattappa, which is funnier, because both are fictional characters.

Speaking to our reporter, chairman of Vows for Cows said, “If you had seen the movie Bahubali, you would remember the scene where Amarendra Bahubali saves the kingdom of Devasena from attackers. He would go on from an innocent man to a brave fighter in that scene. What would you people would have missed is that, Bahubali and Kattappa unleash a herd of bulls that pounces on the incoming army. But we didn’t miss that.”

“That scene sent shockwaves to the members and wellwishers of our group. Many of them revealed that they were discomfited by the idea that someone can burn the horns of bulls and use them against men. Men being killed is fine, but what did those innocent bulls did?” claimed the chairman.

“With previous PCA law, it would had been impossible to file any cases against them. But in the new amendment to PCA, there had been inclusions about painting or doing any damage to horns of bulls and buffaloes. We were actually waiting for this amendment. Now, Bahubali have to answer this in court,” she ended her side of argument.

She was stubborn when we revealed to her that Bahubali is a movie and the namesake and Kattappa were fictional characters. Telangana Police were clueless about how to arrest them both and how to close this case.

We were unable to reach the filmmakers about any comments. Nor was Prabhas willing to answer our queries.

But, a Congress spokesperson who was in the city jauntily said, “Venkaiah Naidu had said that Narendra Modi is our Bahubali. Why not Police arrest him for this case?”