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CAT aspirant techie attacked by jealous fellow flatmate for studying too much

03, Dec 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Saurabh Gupta, a young software engineer working for Infosys who is also a CAT aspirant, was attacked by his jealous flatmate Manoranjan Mishra, just because he was studying too much for the upcoming entrance exam.

The incident happened last night, when Manoranjan and third flatmate, Ajay, were having beer while sitting in the drawing room. And all of a sudden, an excited Saurabh came out of his room shouting, “Yes! Yes! I found the speed of the boat in still water.”

Stay alert, watch your back.

Saurabh’s facial expression aggravated Manoranjan’s frustration which he was trying to keep under check for long. As per Saurabh, Manoranjan picked up all three books – Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Verbal, held them together, and started beating him with the book-brick.

“I know, it’s all because of jealousy. Along with me, he too had started the preparation, but he gave up within a week,” Saruabh told Faking News, adding that he should have sensed Manoranjan’s intentions earlier, “Now I understand why the frequency of partying at our flat has increased in the last one month. It was all to deviate me from my goal.”

Saurabh also revealed a couple of incidents when he had to cancel his late night studying session, because of feeling high.

“At that time, I was wondering why my normal cigarette was behaving like a cigarette stuffed with weed. But now I realize, it was Manoranjan who secretly placed those in my cigarette box,” suspected Saurabh, thus solving the puzzle which had been haunting him even more than CAT logical reasoning questions, “Now, everything is crystal clear!”

However in his defense, Manoranjan says that Saurabh had killed the fun and careless atmosphere which used to exist at their flat by dedicating himself fully to CAT preparation. This happened around two months back.

Ghar ka mahaul kharab kar raha tha wo! Keeping CAT preparation books open for such long hours was spreading negativity in our house. Had it been any other books, even Champak, I would have offered him my cigarette to stay up late till night to read the book, just like back home my mother used to give me milk at night while studying,” argued an unapologetic Manoranjan.

“It’s not his parents home, things work differently here,” he justified his book attack on Saurabh.

Meanwhile, to stop such incidents from happening, famous psychologist Dr. Ananad Prakash requested people like Saurabh who are living with their friends to follow certain rules, in order not to hurt their friends.

“All they need to do is to do things opposite to what they do while living with their parents. Now, instead of hiding Playboy magazine inside course book, they should learn to hide course material inside Playboy magazine. When their friends will see them reading Playboy, they will feel proud and happy for them,” explained Dr. Prakash.