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CBI to recruit more staff, says 'current lot of officers insufficient to raid Lalu's entire family'

07, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

The Central Bureau of Investigation which has been conducting raids on Lalu Yadav for the last few days has today revealed that it will be hiring more officers to conduct raids as the current lot is proving to be insufficient. The decision to bolster the staff was taken after overworked CBI officers complained to higher authorities that they have been conducting raids and quizzing the family members of RJD Chief for the past 72 hours and it just doesn’t seem to end.

“One of our officer fainted when he saw Lalu Yadav’s family tree. He had to be hospitalized and other officers too are demoralized. There are many such raids to be conducted in the future and we need our officers to be fit and on their toes,” said a  senior CBI official.

Around 100 officers will be interviewed at CBI headquarters this weekend and by Monday they will be on the job. The agency is also looking at ‘additional hands’ to reduce the load on it’s officers.

“We are in talks with the crew of TV shows like CID and Savdhaan India. They will be assisting us in investigating the case,” said a source close to the development.

Not just TV serial crew, the agency will also approach popular news anchor Arnab Goswami to gather evidence against the accused. “We have observed that Arnab has the documentary evidence for most of the cases that we are investigating. Usually he has the original documents and we get the xerox copy,” said the source.