CBI suspends officials who couldn’t unearth any scam in a bank after spending 2 hours there

04, Mar 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: CBI has come down hard on its officials who could not unearth any scam in a bank after spending two hours there. After suspending the officials, CBI director has appointed another team of officials to investigate these officials to find out what they were doing at the bank.


“One just needs five minutes to report irregularities in a bank. It is such low hanging fruit, I am embarrassed with the report they have submitted mentioning there are no scams”, said Manoj Verma, CBI director while speaking to us.

“Finance ministry has asked me to submit a report covering all the banks by end of this month. It’s race against time for my team as I do not have many officers”, said Mr. Verma who has warned his team not to ‘waste’ their effort like this.

Mr. Verma added, “What I have seen is a common pattern in these banking irregularities. If one checks five big loan accounts, easily two to three will have problem. What I am asking my team is to just follow set of recommended procedures that has been outlined. It seems, this team has not followed that”.

Finance ministry who wants to know the total loss to banking system so that they can be adjusted with additional cess from tax payers is planning to introduce VDCS (Voluntary Disclosure of Corruption Scheme) for bank officials.

“Those who disclose before March 31st, no action would be taken against them. We also understand scams will invariably happen, we have to minimize them as much possible. We are introducing a new award called, ‘least scam’ bank of the year to motivate others to follow the winner”, said one senior finance ministry official.