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CBSE asks those leaking papers to do early so that it has sufficient time to take decision on postponing exam

02, Apr 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: CBSE is being severely criticized for the way they handled the question paper leak. In spite of getting the information that paper has been leaked, the CBSE did nothing and went ahead with its plan of conducting exam and now the activities are in full swing in the preparation for retest.

CBSE re-exam dates announced

Der aaye lekin durust aaye. CBSE is planning to bring new ‘reforms’ to the way board exams are conducted which also includes some recommendations to people who are involved with question paper leaks. It has asked those leak question papers to publish it at least three working days in advance so that it has ‘sufficient’ time to act on it.

“Last time some are saying 9 hours before the exam, email came to CBSE chair person. Are they expecting CBSE chairperson to work 24/7 like IT companies expect their employees to work. We come under union government of India. Why we will deviate from working like sarkari babus?”, asked a CBSE official without disclosing his identity


“Let me say this. Those who have the ‘real’ question paper, the person knows it because we do not make multiple question papers on the same subject. If you have it, then why to hold it back? By breaking our foolproof advanced system, the person has shown his ‘worth’. So, go ahead and share with all, share with us. Unnecessarily students, teachers, CBSE officials do not have to go to exam centers in this summer heat, they can go to exam centers on retest days”, said the official.

“We will give the person a certificate of recognition who leaks the paper first. Let me warn, do not take advantage and sent us spam emails with wrong question paper, already our mail boxes are full of Dr. Batra’s emails.  Those who do that we will take serious action against them. If they are CBSE pass out, will ask them to appear their board exams again”, warned the official.