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CBSE requests Courts to prepare question papers for 10th and 12th exams

28, Dec 2014 By manithan

New Delhi. In an unexpected move, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has requested Indian Judiciary to pen question papers for their 10th standard and 12th standard final exams.

In a press released from CBSE, it has been stated that, “Effective January 2015, we have requested the High Courts of each state to look after the preparation of question papers for the Xth and XIIth standard CBSE examinations. The overall responsibility of the question papers and the Viva Voce will be handled by the Supreme court. We forewarn the students of CBSE schools that this year, the question paper will be very tough and this step was taken by us to prevent more students from getting 99.9%, thereby creating a headache for other students who could not get beyond 90%.”

Experts speculate that some of the questions penned by courts will be very tough. For instance, they might ask why are there three Newton laws and not four?

One insider from CBSE department told us, “All these days, the teachers who were preparing the question papers for the final exams were demanding a pay rise. Our department got tired of paying them again and again. Also, as mentioned in the press release, kids are getting evolved to get nearly 100% in the final exams, even if we increase the toughness of the questions. It is at that point, our board thought of an alternate plan, an alternate source.”

She continued, “We all knew that High courts and Supreme courts are nowadays asking a lot of questions, like, ‘How much days Ganga will be cleaned?’,’Where is the report in black money?’, ‘Why ATM charges more?’, ‘Why is Yo Yo Honey Singh not using expletives in his songs?’ etc etc. So, our board discussed on using this questioning ability of the courts to suit our agenda and we unanimously decided to request Courts to set question papers for our students. Courts have agreed to do so, and they even thanked us for giving them work, as they have already cleared all their backlogs.”

This announcement from CBSE was met by protests and students who are about to appear for the respective exams are rumored to be contemplating suicides, which is no more illegal.

One such student who was in total despair, said to Faking News, “Till last year, the question papers set by CBSE was kind of tough. But, with proper planning and studying, we were easily crossing the 90%. This time, it is the courts which is going to question us. Even the central government is unable to answer their tough questions. Imagine our exam results then. I will be killed if I do not get above 90%.”

Leader of All India School Students Union, Shayak Chaudhary, said, “This is threat to the examination fabric of our country. Already, a small percentage of students are committing suicides every year, after the CBSE examination results. Now, with the Courts setting up question papers, it is going to be a big percentage in the forthcoming years. Lawyers with their IPC books itself are struggling to answer the question of judges. Then think of the condition of students. ”

This decision from CBSE has met criticism from their own teachers. One of them, Sharmila, said, “If the question papers have some faults or corrections, then where we should go? Do we have to go in the ascending order of courts, from lower bench to apex court? What if the question paper had too many out-of-syllabus and courts simply transfer the responsibility to legislature to solve that issue? Already, the parliament is not functioning and it will take a year for the question paper to be corrected. This will impact the students who would have earned 45 lakhs in that time-gap, if they had went by the conventional CBSE question paper setting method.”