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CBSE student marks himself safe after his friends in neighborhood scores less than him

06, May 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Atul Kumar, a CBSE student who cleared the 12th exam with 94 percent has marked himself safe after he came to know all his friends in neighborhood have scored less than him.


“Not only that, sons and daughters of my parents’ colleagues in office, my close as well as distant cousins who appeared the exam haven’t scored more than me”, said a much relieved Atul while speaking to us.

Facebook has launched a new feature where many students like Atul are marking themselves safe.

“I remember my brother’s 12th board exam results few years back. He scored 95 percent in board exam, still he was unsafe. Many of his friends in neighborhood had performed better than him. I have seen my parents grumpy face every time Sharma ji who is our immediate neighbor reminded them how their daughter did so well by scoring 97 percent. For a week, we had to manage with Lauki, Karela aur Tindey ki sabji”, added Atul.

Atul knew his batchmates in known circle are not much talented. “But it’s a race not between us, but between our parents. So, I can’t take any chance. Maine aapna area ka sabko GoT ka fan bana diya tha. PUBG aur Tik Tok ne help bhi kiya. God’s grace I am safe. As a backup plan, me and my brother had saved enough for Swiggy, we could not have managed with Lauki for one more week in case I was unsafe zone”, Atul said.

Next wish for Atul is to crack engineering entrance exam with a better rank than others his parents are aware of. “Otherwise who knows, my father like Farhan’s father of 3 idiot would remove AC from my room”, Atul said.