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To celebrate Engineer's Day, Final year engineering student decides to attend his first class of the semester

15, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Faridabad:  Engineering Community across India is celebrating Engineers Day today in memory of one of the greatest Indian Engineer, M. Visvesvaraya. On this auspicious day, a final year Mechanical Engineering student, Arun Singh, has finally decided to attend his first class this semester.

Arun even removed the dust from his drafter today

Final year students in engineering colleges generally stay away from classes and spend the time either drinking or fighting a hangover, but Arun has decided to make an exception for a day in honor of the Engineer’s day.

“I know I am hurting my reputation by attending classes today, juniors are looking at me and wondering what kind of a senior I am, but this whole engineer’s day thing got me sentimental. They got this whole day for us; I can spend at least 1 hr out of it to attend an engineering class. It will be good to get out of the hostel during the day anyway, a nice change”, Arun said speaking to Faking News.

“From tomorrow, I will return to being an ideal final year engineering student, one who spends more time studying for CAT and GMAT than for the subjects he has to pass in final year. This is just a onetime thing and I have already assured my classmates that this is not the start of something, no more classes after this one”, Arun added.

When we asked how can they go without attending classes for an year and whether there is no minimum attendance requirement, Arun said ,”Sir this is a private college. Here management prefers students who don’t attend classes; they can make money by collecting fines from us before giving us the roll number at the time of exams.”

When we asked afterwards which engineering class he attended, Arun replied, “Ghanta engineering, Humanities class was scheduled at that time, I ended up in canteen only. Not in my destiny to attend a class this year.”