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Celebrations erupt in slums of Mumbai as Delhi declared unlivable by a New York expat

02, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Mumbai vs Delhi rivalry was back in vogue after an expat (from New York) living in Delhi for 3 years decided to leave the city citing it unlivable due to extremely high pollution.

Even before Delhi could dwell into what was written in the blog, there were enormous celebrations across Mumbai over the thrashing city’s biggest rival Delhi, received in a blog, that too by a foreigner.

However what caught eye of Faking News was that not even slums of the city were behind in celebrating what is being perceived in the city as a bigger victory than winning IPL by its team.

The rivalry just got intense.
The rivalry just got intense.

Reportedly people in slums like Dharavi burst more crackers today than they burst on Diwali.

Aaj na roko mujhe,” requested an auto driver, “Even if we burst 1000 more crackers, we would still not be as polluted as Delhi. Take that bitches.” He said as he teased his cousin who is an auto driver in Delhi.

“My decision to choose Mumbai over Delhi to make a career today stands vindicated,” said another 27 year old struggling engineer, from a well to do family in Bhopal, while watching the news of the blog on his TV in a 10 x 10 slum, “I am sure my parents would be very proud of my choice today.”

Not just men, even women from slums felt really proud of Mumbai’s achievement Delhi’s failure.

“I am born and brought up in Mumbai slums. These Delhiwalas think that just by having a better infra, these guys could beat us. Huh! A foreigner has shown them their true place. At least we are not polluted like them,” said a  woman while holding her nose to avoid stench of garbage scattered around her from entering inside.

Meanwhile Delhiwalas are at loss as to how to counter this embarrassment.

“Can’t even use at least we have a metro argument now that Mumbai too has it. In fact it could backfire, as they have mono rail too,” said a Delhiite.