CEOs and MDs voting for Congress after hearing they are giving 500 square feet houses in South Bombay

29, Apr 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: CEOs and Managing Directors of companies based out of Mumbai have all come out in support of Indian National Congress after the party promised 500 square feet houses for everyone in South Bombay area. Nearly all of them voted for Congress in Mumbai earlier today and have requested everyone else to vote for the party as well.

South Bombay, where a 1 BHK flat costs the same as the Buckingham Palace in London, is one of the most expensive real estate in the Universe and it is everyone’s dream to have a house of their own in this area. Now with Congress realising this dream for the people, the party has seen unprecedented support in this constituency.

Many people who used to come to South Bombay for work from far off places also registered to vote there during the past few days in anticipation of a house. Sources say that South Bombay voting percentage may even cross 100% this time.

Speaking to Faking News, a CEO of a Consultancy said, “I am tired of paying lakhs in rent here and then the annual brokerage, it is killing me! I always dream of my own house here but the obscene amount always put me off. Now thanks to Congress, I will finally have my own house here. 500 Square feet, I will set up a  nice 3 bhk with a back garden as well in that much space.”

A Managing Director of a bank joined in and added, “Sometimes I felt like robbing my own bank just to afford a house in this area but now I don’t have to do it. Congress will save me from a life of crime by giving us all a house. Your deposits are safe again in our bank.”

When we mentioned that the house will only be given to slum dwellers, the MD of the bank said ,”Look around you, we are all living in a slum.”